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Velvet Long-Lasting Plumper Lip Gloss

  • It's time to try a NEW designed matte Lip-mud! Be bold, sweet and classic using our  Velvet Long-Lasting Plumper Lip Gloss.

  • Our lipstick dries quickly to a dry, velvety finish and leaves a vibrant pigmentation.  With its special   long-lasting and moisturizing formula, it   lasts up to 24 hours and protects your lips from drying out. With the Velvet Long-Lasting Plumper Lip Gloss, your charm will not fade after one kiss.


    • ?Highly Pigmented Sexy Colors
      A highly concentrated, sexy color  that   dries to a vibrant, saturated lip finish  without stickiness.   Velvet matte full coverage tone with just one coat.

    • Super Long-Lasting & Moisturizing
      The   velvety texture adheres to lips  with   long-lasting comfort, moisturizes, and protects lips from dehydration, making it ideal for everyday use. The   ultra-soft clay formula protects lips from moisture loss and   easily covers lip lines.
  • Smooth To Apply
    Apply with greater precision using the   curved plush applicator  to  create the perfect lip shape or  blur the contours with the tip  for a   more natural finish.

  • Suitable for everyone, whether you are a makeup novice or a makeup artist.
  • Create Perfect Makeup
    The colors are   bold and edgy and make a statement. You can apply the lipstick to the cheeks or the eye area, use it as a   blush or eye shadow for a natural, moody look.
  • Glamour For All Occasions!
    Suitable for all occasions:   Everyday life, commuting to work, parties, bars, balls, launches, auctions, etc.   Also a perfect gift for a girlfriend.


    • 87G
    (L X W X H)
    • 10 × 3 × 3cm / 3.9 × 1.2 × 1.2inches
    • Velvet Long-Lasting Plumper Lip Gloss × 1