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Magnetic Couple Necklace

The Perfect Gift for Your Partner!

The necklace is a complete love heart divided into two halves with magnets installed on the separated parts. When the two halves of the heart unite, they become one. It means we're all together and our hearts are full. 

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Two halves of the same soul embarking on this life's journey together. Because beauty is created when two halves - you and your love - come together.

That is the essence of love. That is the word WHOLE.

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To keep up with the fashion trend, men's models wear black ropes as necklaces, while women's models wear chains.

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Why choose the Magnetic Couple Necklace?

Magnetic Necklace:  This eternal promise couple necklace is a magnetic heart pendant design that attaches to one another once when placed closely.

Beautiful Design:  This lover’s magnetic necklace allows lovers who are apart to feel connected to one another again. Let them know you always have a piece of them with you.

One of Kind Gifts:  When you are deeply in love with someone and want to give them your heart, this necklace will be the best choice.

Premium Materials:  This necklace is made of high-quality materials, easy to wear, comfortable, and safe. It is hypoallergenic and safe for all to wear.

Two Parts make a Whole:  One-half of the necklace is a beautiful dark gray material with a black rope. The other half is an off-white color with a gray chain.

Package Include(s):

2 pieces Magnetic Necklace