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LED Shower Head

Never be shocked by freezing cold or scalding hot water again!

This temperature control shower head with LED light looks gorgeous and cool.

The built-in electric generator has a long lifespan. And the light color will change according to the water temperature range. 

Changing LED colors and digital displays tell you the current water temperature.

The handheld showerhead provides 3 different high-pressure water flow settings with a sleek design.

No batteries or wiring is needed. The built-in generator is powered by running water.

Why Choose LED Shower Head?

 Colors change according to the current water temperature

 Change the water flow settings with the press of a button

 No batteries are needed, running water powers the built-in generator that runs the LED lights and digital display

 3 spray modes

 3-color heat-sensitive LED with digital temperature display

 Size: 125mm x 275mm / 4.9in x 10.8in


  • 1 x LED Shower Head