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Heated Neck Wrap

  Combines Therapeutic Heat With Relaxing Massaging Vibration And Target Weighted Pressure

Weighted  clay beads provide  gentle pressure to  enhance the massaging vibrations and  evenly disperse the soothing heat.

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Powerful Triple Combination

The  secret is the combination of  therapeutic heat with relaxing massaging vibrations and targeted weighted pressure for an instant, soothing relief!

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Adjustable Design

Adjust the strap to your  perfect fit for  extra comfort and targeted relief. The heated massager provides  soothing heat for your neck area!

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Comfortable Massaging Vibrations

Vibrating massage pulses directly into those painful knots, helping to release all that stress with  3 therapeutic heat settings combined with 9 massaging vibrations for 27 relaxing combinations.



Package Include(s):

1 x Neck Wrap